What To Do For 48 Hours In Budapest

Our arrival to Budapest started in Zagreb (Croatia) by train, bus, then train. It felt like we had gone back in time as we moved through the countryside with train stops at Koprivnica and Gyekenyes. It took time adjusting to the city buzz of Budapest with the cold rainy weather, but nonetheless we bought ourselves boots and weatherproof jackets ready for the next two days of exploring.

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Where we stayed: the ‘Pest’ side of Budapest, in the heart of the Jewish Quarter well known for the endless variety of food on offer!


Day One – Be A Tourist

Usually my partner and I aren’t the tour group type, but we heard and read so many great things about the Free Budapest Walking Tours. Seeing as we only had two days here, it seemed like the best way to go sightseeing. We got to explore the two parts of Budapest: Pest and Buda which are divided by River Danube but connected by the Chain Bridge. The best way to describe each part of Budapest is that Pest is the city side where you want shop and eat, and Buda is side where you want to live and enjoy the scenic views.

digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, budapest, academy of hungarian sciences

 Academy of Hungarian Sciences

digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, Budapest Castle Hill Funicular

Budapest Castle Hill Funicular

digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, budapest, Matthias Church

Matthias Church

digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, st stephen's Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilica


After the tour ended we made our way back to the apartment, stopping to pay our respects at the Shoes on the Danube Bank sculpture. Created in honour of the people who were killed by the fascist Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest during World War II.

There are endless options of places to eat in Pest, in particular, food trucks in courtyard areas. Conveniently, our apartment was on the same street as one called Karavan. We seized the opportunity to try Kürtőskalács, also known as chimney cakes, which are a spit roasted cakes that taste AMAZING.

shoes Danube Bank, digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, budapest

Shoes on the Danube Bank

digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, budapest, karavan, Kürtőskalács, chimney cake



The rain kicked in and we were in desperate need of r&r, so we packed our bathers and headed to the Széchenyi Baths. Like you would brunch with friends and chat over food and coffee, gathering at the baths is the thing to do in Budapest. I was happy we chose Széchenyi as it offers 15 indoor and 3 outdoor baths – all with different temperatures. We hunted down the hottest thermal bath and instantly felt all the tension disappear.

digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, budapest, Széchenyi Baths

Széchenyi Baths


The 12 degree weather called for goulash and luckily one particular food truck near us just so happened to offer a vegetarian option. Win! Post dinner we strolled the streets making our way to the inner city and taking in the nightlife.

digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, budapest, karavan, goulash

Goulash @ Karavan

digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, budapest, Trinity Square

Trinity Square


Day Two – Me Time

I was beyond excited to secure a last minute booking at Omorovicza Boutique & Spa. No better way to start the day than treating yourself with a beautiful facial! I’ll be sharing a full blog post on the facial and products very soon.

After a morning coffee then lunch at Perfetto Italian Kitchen, I felt recharged and ready for some retail therapy. Looking back on all the places we visited, Budapest inner city had the best shopping on offer. As the afternoon drifted, we decided to try one of Hungary’s traditional dishes. Langos: suitable for vegetarians and not for the lactose intolerant.

Bringing out our inner foodie, we found a place called Hummus Bar. Here you can thoroughly enjoy delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and also get your falafel fix. We called it a night early to prepare for the 5am train trip. Next stop, Slovakia!

Fisherman’s Bastion, digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, budapest Fisherman’s Bastion, digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, budapestFisherman’s Bastion, digy hu, blogger, travel, hungary, budapest

Fisherman’s Bastion x 3


And that’s was how I spent my 48 hours in Budapest! Travelling by foot everywhere allowed us to see and explore what I think to be the most beautiful city in Europe. We didn’t quite get to see all the sights, but Budapest is without a doubt a must see if you’re planning a European adventure.

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  • The Life of Laura

    This is beautiful! I’m definitely saving this for later! I really want to visit Budapest, it’s on my top list of places to see xx

    Laura || http://www.thelifeoflaura.com.au

  • I wish Budapest was closer to Australia! It looks amazing! I’ve added it to my bucket list of places to visit in Europe!


  • Budapest looked amazing! I haven’t really thought about travelling there but you have me sold! Also I love all your photos xx

  • Oh I would love to visit Budapest!! Hopefully I will get there one day soon.

  • This is so beautiful city, I would definitely add this to my travel list. All the pictures are captured so beautifully, you look so pretty.

  • Never been to Budapest but your post is amazing and I love the photos so much.

  • It looks like you had such a good time! Especially the Omorovicza facial! Looking forward to hearing about that, facials are such a nice experience, but I’m sure a luxury one with Omorovicza products would be next level. Your veggie goulash looks delicious, and the baths look so relaxing! I haven’t been to Budapest but I’ve been to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and it’s a similar thing (although you’re not in the middle of a city like it looks like the baths are). Also years ago in Prague I had one of those rolled cinnamon pastry things, except they called it something different, but it’s funny that it’s the same thing!


  • Oh my goodness, the castle hill funicular looks a bit terrifying on that angle! I never realised Budapest was called that to make two different places together.

    Can’t wait to hear about your facial 🙂

    Maddie | http://www.maddiesbeautyspot.com