Digy Hu’s One Year Blog Anniversary

And what a year it’s been!

December 2016 I caught up with my good friend from university who some of you may know from Maddie’s Beauty Spot. She suggested I start a blog having already liked my Instagram content. I felt tempted to explore the creative platform of blogging, so I went for it!

I rushed into blogging with little to no planning and launched Digy Hu just over a month later eeeek. So it’s fair to say the last year has been trial and error in the public eye. I was just too keen to start! Do I regret doing that? Hell no!

The journey was overwhelming and I started to feel the stress and pressure for perfection. One day I said to myself, “I like what I’m creating and damn it feels good to look at!”. In a positive mindset I started to be more strategic in my blog posts, photography, editing and Instagram. It was rewarding to see growth and opportunities for collaboration come up.

Digy Hu’s One Year Blog Anniversary

One Year Later

Blog post #: 52 (woohoo kept to a post a week!)
Instagram Followers: 1,340 you can follow along here
Countries that follow the blog? 65 countries
Most viewed post: Mecca Max: Pout Pop Lipstick Review

Instagram has been the primary supporting platform I use for the blog, so I thought I’d also share the content you guys enjoyed the most! Thanks to Planoly, here are my top ten liked photos. I know Mr. Digy Hu would be pleased he appears twice!

digy hu isabella hung blogger fashion instagram planoly

What’s Next?

I can see a rebrand coming up in the near future so be sure to watch the space. I have also considered launching a YouTube channel to share things that are just too tedious to read, like travelling. Or even creating mini movies of everyday life. I love watching cinematic footage!

Now I’d like to open up the conversation to you guys. Let me know what you like most about Digy Hu; the things you want to see, the style of blog post you like, anything! Your feedback is so valuable. On a final note, THANK YOU. Thank you for the support you have all given me over the last year. Love you all!

Digy Hu’s One Year Blog Anniversary

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